Our focus is helping corporations perform better for shareholders and private owners by empowering executives, managers and associates with indicator and enterprise analytics on internal and external company data, which provides "clear visibility."

Meeting and exceeding goals is achieved with an integrated data model for the enterprise that coordinates activities (process and measurement). Alexicon has a functional business view (e.g., Sales, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Procurement, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Distribution and Customer Service) as well as a process-based Lean Six Sigma view (e.g., Procure-to-Pay/Buy, Production/Make, Order-to-Cash/Sell and more).

We support analytics and focus on strategic and tactical areas like industry indicators, business strategy, business/operating plan, financial results and metrics.

Core Values

Our belief is that providing the right solutions for our Customers will create opportunities for continued business (deliver quicker, better and at reduced costs). Our day-to-day core values guide our long-term success:


Analytic software advancements are accelerating at rapid rates. We invest in these areas to keep our consulting skills current and progressive to benefit Customer analytic and intelligence efforts around their business.

When engaged, we move quickly to understand the overall project, company objectives and existing bottlenecks to accelerate new or enhanced designs to complete projects quicker, at lower costs, and with more functionality/enterprise multidimensionality which is the biggest win.

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