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Enterprise. Orchestrated.

About Us

Founded in 1999 in Valencia, California, Alexicon has established collaborations with numerous domestic and international corporations, along with software providers, achieving success in various projects. Despite our small size in the expansive IT Services industry, we set ourselves apart by delivering innovative services. Our approach involves enhancing existing software solutions, leveraging data, and exploring emerging solutions that bring substantial value to businesses.

Our journey encompasses a pivotal role in the enterprise business intelligence (BI) systems during the late 1990s. Back then, Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs) garnered increasing popularity, reshaping data models due to the influence of BI tools. Fast forward to the present, the digital landscape has assumed a comparable significance to the BI era of the '90s, presenting analogous challenges in enterprise data integration.

In the contemporary landscape, Alexicon offers services tailored for major system integrators and large enterprises aiming to harness the potential of business, digital capabilities, and data. As an independently owned and operated entity, we possess the agility to swiftly engage with novel solutions, assessing their compatibility with existing enterprise software, hardware, and cloud services across process, system, and user landscapes.

Enterprise. Orchestrated.


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