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Alexicon was founded in April of 1998 in Southern California, named after “Alexis” the founder's Daughter.  This was during the dot-com era.  Since then, our organization has worked with numerous major corporations on enterprise analytic designs and data management solutions.

Our core experience is the important data models that can increase a Company’s profitable growth through intelligent visibility.  To compliment analytics, we added Lean and Six Sigma methods and techniques 10 years ago around process and statistics in enterprise data models (prior to big data).  Statistics for business people can be a challenge because they need a clear use (less blue sky).  We found process time durations were a good win with other Lean Six Sigma techniques.  After this we added Big Data and "Modern Data Science" methods and techniques.  Alexicon's approach has been to view the use of analytics and statistics from a business person or manager’s perspective.  Keep it actionable or practical.  We clearly see and promote the use of "High-dimensional Statistics" on "Multidimensional Data Models" (next frontier).  Our goal in this area is to open the hood on the mechanics of modern data science for business people.

We focus on integrated analytics and statistics for customers both organizationally and through proven enterprise platforms, data models and frontend visualizations.  While keeping in mind, and integrating, a Company's own unique business process and know-how.

Analytic projects by industry:

Educational institutions for business, management, lean, six sigma, big data, and data science programs.

We are partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Computer Associates, Looker, Microsoft, Minitab and SAP.

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