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Enterprise. Orchestrated.

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Optimize Cost, Performance and Time to value (TTV)

AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM and Oracle are top U.S. cloud providers. Larger "hyperscale" clouds are AWS, Azure and Google. They provide Information technology (IT) services that scale and newer serverless solutions.

Major uses are Virtual Machines (VMs), Unique Cloud Solutions and hosting for popular Enterprise Software Solutions (CRM, ERP, MES and more). Typically, larger companies use In-house Data Centers and multiple Public Clouds in hybrid landscapes.

Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that uses a combination of private, public cloud services and hybred landscapes (on-premises data center and public clouds).

Key areas for Cloud Providers and Customers (ChatGPT):

For cloud services, determining aggregate spend, service performance and proactively making service changes can be a challenge to manage. Also, making a choice to build in-house, cloud on-premise or in-the-cloud.

The “IT Cloud Migrations” Area has many sub areas to consider including Cost Savings (e.g., it has seven key areas), Time to value (TTV), Scalability, Flexibility, Accessibility, Processing Power (Compute), Memory (Storage), Automatic Updates, Disaster Recovery and Improved Collaboration. Also, Security Concerns, Downtime, Data Privacy, Migration Challenges and Vendor Lock-In. All are considered in comprehensive migration strategies.

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