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SAP Datasphere, the next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, is a comprehensive data service that enables every data professional to deliver seamless and scalable access to mission-critical business and digital data.

SAP Datasphere Catalog

Sourcing Data

Data is sourced through the Data Builder with available connections.

Data Builder

The Data Builder offers a collection of editors to create artifacts in the data layer like Table Editor, Graphical View Editor, SQL View Editor, Entity Relationship Editor, Analytic Model Editor, Data Flow Editor, Intelligent Lookup Editor, Replication Flow Editor and Task Chain Editon. Modules for sourcing, modeling for consumption by analytics tools.

Business Builder

The Business Builder allows users to map data with business knowledge create mult-fact data models (SAP Analytics Cloud and SQL access).

Data Access

Datasphere is accessed by SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and SQL-based tools (shown in 4). Steps 1 through 3 are completed in SAP Datasphere for analytic consumption.

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