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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Planning

Extended planning across lines of business. You can establish a simplified, comprehensive planning process by bringing together financial, supply chain, and workforce planning. By creating one connected plan across lines of business, you strengthen collaboration throughout your organization.

SAC Planning Areas

  • Planning in Stories
  • Configuring Data Actions
  • Allocating Planning Data
  • Translating Currencies for Planning
  • Forecasting and Simulating Planning Data
  • Coordinating and Controlling Processes

User Interfaces for Performing Planning Activities

You can perform planning activities in a variety of user interfaces:

  • Basic stories
  • Primary user interface
  • Created and maintained by the business users


You can create a rolling forecast layout that dynamically generates time members based on the system date. The time interval of a rolling forecast layout automatically changes based on the current month.

Rolling Forecast

Time Series Forecasting is available in SAP Analytics Cloud in the following areas:

  • Smart Predict
  • Time series line chart
  • Story grid or table

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