Metrics (#, $, %)

Metrics (#, $, %)

Stability and direction

Mixed number (#, $, %) visibility and intelligence


KPI King Directions

Mixed number formats (#, $, %)

Directions is a stand-alone KPI King solution that handles mixed number formats (#, $, %) for trending period comparisons, variation and direction. It can work inside your data warehouse to produce standard or custom reporting tables for your current analytic tools to distribute key enterprise metrics.

PROCESS - Process is popular now. With metric numbers trended over time, control charts and linear regression are possible. A Process can have many subprocesses and metrics at all layers. This solution has a base of mixed number value metrics with a unique way to roll up and analyze them at “levels” or metric “collections" which could be enterprise performance indicators and improvement projects.

  • Promotes enterprise metric collection, trend direction and variation sharing
  • Assembles comparable metrics with different number formats for number (#), dollar ($) and percentage (%) values through normalization and other computations
  • Ability to import other control limits (override)
  • Services many users with sub second response times in any browser or device (high-performance reporting tables)
  • Allows for easy chart and table display builds (metrics in their own analytic tools or HTML pages)
  • Reduced siloed data models or computations in report objects (processed in the database for organization-wide computations and sharing)
  • Integrates with larger enterprise data warehouse environments (data integration and reporting tables)

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