20 years in technology


Data-assisted Decisions

This solution takes a data science approach at cataloging trends (indictors), projecting or predicting future values, comparing indicators statistically and providing scores. This is achieved with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, R, Python and SQL. KPI King works with big machines and can ingest all organizational internal and external metrics for enterprise-wide indicator vetting and structuring. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are found, monitored and managed using this software.

As shown above, large enterprises can have thousands of corporate visualizations and reports. Indicators are typically collected by hand (ad hoc) and presented in PowerPoint or Excel. This solution reverses that method and creates a clean enterprise approach to housing all indicators/metrics in one place. Since they all reside in the same data management area, data-assisted activities (data science) can take place with projections, comparisons and scoring.  It also provides an overall framework that promotes high-performance drill-down structures which are often needed for scale and high-end analytics.

  1. Catalogs Trends, Comparisons, Projections, Tuning and Scoring for enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) and Enterprise systems.
  2. Patterns is a new stand-alone module that projects potential senerios (June 2020) - tested with Pandemic data using Wikipedia and World Bank data sources.
  3. Directions is a stand-alone module that handles mixed number formats (#, $, %) and roll ups for dimensions or "collections" based on trend normalization versus numeric format.

The example below is a manufacturing ERP landscape with green lights that show KPI King touchpoints.

KPI King integrates with EDWs and data lakes with embedded programs and data models that are accessible through ODBC and JDBC tools.