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Business and IT Services (In-house and Cloud)

Is your Company looking to control costs through increased efficiency and effectiveness? Use newer technologies to manage cost challenges and explore opportunities.

"Enterprise system software is a multibillion-dollar industry that produces components supporting a variety of business functions. IT investments have become the largest category of capital expenditure in United States-based businesses over the past decade." - Wikipedia

Clouds are being used more. Like room reservations for resorts, clouds offer reservations on services, requiring a price plan and time commitment. Continually monitoring spend and usage history and planning ahead saves money on these outsourced services.

Performance Indicator (PI) areas

Operational Intelligence

Resorts have many customer-facing and support associates working to accommodate guests (e.g., Valets, Hotel Staff, Cooks, Bartenders, Servers, Technicians and Cleaning). Casinos and gaming are another business with Pit Bosses, Dealers, Money Handling and added Security (more machine data side).

We focus on assisting people as part of technology to ensure processes and systems are built and working well (versus a system first approach). This ensures processes, designs, ideas and issues are structured and handled early in projects. It is a team approach where everyone learns and wins.

Multi-cloud use

Clouds, with ready-to-use big data technologies, can provide help with large workloads, prototyping, legacy IT systems and newer tools. This is the way to achieve operational excellence.

Multi-cloud use is also picking-up for larger companies and they are looking for ways to manage workloads, cost and have the ability to switch services when needed. AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM and Oracle are top U.S. cloud providers with global capabilities.

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Improve IT service quality and cost effectiveness both internally and with major clouds through a two-tier approach with contract management and technical landscape assistance.

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