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Enterprise Operating System (EOS)

Companies have many systems surrounding their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. While competitors may use the same ERP and the same or similar surrounding software and hardware systems (usually industry specific), all companies have their own way selecting systems and integrating those systems into Company processes and operating (people and systems). It is their unique EOS. We assist with enterprise orchestration and optimization.

Enterprise software typically has specialists to install and implement the solutions. These are point-solutions. For the entire process for a Company, there are many specialized systems. Analytics are needed to understand the entire process. This is where Alexicon helps with data and analytics. We are also skilled with system sourcing and analysis.

Alexicon focus on the following areas separately considering many solution offerings:

  • Process: The way a Company operates (steps in selling, buying, making, staffing and more). There are systemized and manual processes.
  • Enterprise Applications: Key process areas (e.g., ERP, CRM, MES, SCM and HR are examples).
  • Analytics: Accesses EDW tables for contrasting and comparing data. Planning areas create data (forecasts, allocations and more).
  • Data Management: Integrates and formalizes EDW tables for Analytic use.
  • Data Science: Used in overall Company processes, Enterprise Applications and in Data Management to formalize tables for use in Analytics (Enterprise Users).

Smart Enterprise

Like our personal smartphones, companies have applications, processing power (compute) and memory (storage). Switching phones or hardware and software means moving data which needs to be done quickly. While a company may not track these topline numbers for the enterprise, it is similar with larger data systems. Users want speed and ease-of-use.

Enterprises have two important time areas: 1) “Realtime” are connected systems operating together conducting processes and recording Date Timestamps during the processes. 2) “History” has the recorded Date Timestamps. The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) uses these recorded time events/records from Enterprise Applications and supporting systems to integrate data on common enterprise time, master data and other enterprise dimensions. Once integrated, this EDW becomes a multidimensional data source for enterprise analytics and as a data provider.

Below is an example for a manufacturing company with three key Enterprise Applications:

Much of the data integration happens during off hours although we are moving to more Near Real-Time and Real Time data.

Enterprise Software Applications (ESA) and User Landscape

The top three below are Enterprise Applications. They all have Submodules shown below in Business Process.

Enterprise Operating System (EOS)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and surrounding systems: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), other COTS and In-house Built Applications.

Integrated Applications and Analytics.

In-house and Cloud Planning, Migrations and System Operations.

Process focused Work Instructions.

Leverage a Data Dictionary and "Metadata" for the Enterprise to assist with planning software applications and the data landscape.

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Enterprise Business Processes and Technical Processes for Systems and Data.

Align key processes across the Enterprise to achieve optimal performance. Sync Enterprise Applications and Analytics.

Time intelligence speeds operations and provides clear communication with Associates, Customers, Partners and Suppliers.

Formal Lean Six Sigma or streamlined methods and techniques.

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control

Statistical Process Control (SPC): Run Charts, Control Charts and Design of Experiments

Gain the process advantage and include learning in the EDW and Data Lake.


Enterprise Visualizations, Dashboards and Reports.

Data Science

Leverage Desktop Excel, SQL, R, Python and Scala code. Hyperscale activities.

Integrate Data Science activities in the EDW for Enterprise-wide computations.

Data Mgmt.

Enterprise Applications, Other Data, EDW and Data Lake.

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Enterprise Operating System (EOS)



Data Science

Data Mgmt.

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