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Alexicon was founded in April of 1998 and has focused on Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics for Businesses.  Since that time, our organization has added software and services for Lean, Six Sigma, Big Data and Data Science.  Our mission is to integrate these highly-specialized areas for Customers both organizationally and through technical excellence and business know-how to increase their performance and competitiveness.

We minimize the complexity for large enterprise analytic systems so companies can clearly see the "Big Picture" and manage Processes, Financial Results and Metrics through precise analytics and known methodologies.  Our approach is to build upon the analytics foundation that currently exists in corporations today and add new meaningful areas to enrich corporate reporting, visibility and performance.  We also troubleshoot and work with existing efforts to speed project timelines and correct business and/or technical designs.

Analytic projects by industry:

We are Partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Computer Associates, Microsoft, Minitab and SAP.

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