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The views (tabs) below were created in 10 minutes. This is a typical Ad Hoc process to quickly work through numbers and by slicing-and-dicing to find the true picture.

Data - U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

Revised Statistics of Gross Domestic Product by Industry for 1997 - 2012 (16 years)

Billions of dollars, Released January 23, 2014

Observation 1: It is clear to see that Manufacturing, Services, Public Administration and Real Estate make up over 66% of GDP (green cells) over 16 Years (1997-2012).

Observation 2: We also see that Yearly GDP is increasing each year (table in middle).

Observation 4: Yearly trends reveal a lot about each Major Industry Category.  Manufacturing is at the top and had a real tough time in 2009 after slowly recovering from a drop in 2000. Services steadily increased with a minor drop in 2009 (second to top line).  It is interesting to note that Public Administration seems to be leveling in 2010-2011 with a slight uptake in 2012.  Real Estate has also picked up since 2009, but lags behind Manufacturing and Services growth.  Also, Mining had great growth from 1997 to 2012; however, it is in the bottom lines for contributing to overall volume.

Observation 5: We start to enter statistics with the Box Plot chart below.  You can see that Services had the most yearly variation compared to other Major Industry Categories due to strong and steady growth over all years.  Even though Manufacturing experienced a big drop in 1999 and climbs afterwards, Services changed the most over the years, thereby topping the list with variation over the 16 years.

This type of analysis is only the beginning for Ad Hoc Slicing-and-dicing with Web Intelligence.  Even with this data set, we never looked at the lower level "Industry Category" or the "Industry" itself ("Industry Category" and "Industry" objects shown in the left panel).

Ad Hoc reports like these are refined and quickly find their way to Standard Reports that are shared by potentially thousands of people.  This is true Self-service BI facility with Enterprise abilities to share.

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