SAP Business Objects Enterprise Platform

Alexicon has significant experience with larger SAP BI 4 environments and has worked with all platform versions over the past 19 years.  The latest version is BI 4.2.  If you have a past version and are looking to upgrade or need an overall assessment of your planned or current Enterprise Platform and Business Intelligence (BI) Tools, we can help. The platform is a host to Modern and Traditional BI tools and has connectivity to most known databases including BW, HANA and Big Data sources.

Cirque du Soleil® uses SAP Business Intelligence as a platform to provide executive insights across the business, to make more informed decisions.

People are finding that while Modern BI Tools offer more end-user decentralized flexibility with data mashups and lightweight drag-and-drop visualizations, Traditional Enterprise Platforms like "SAP Business Objects" are very much needed for large structured projects or deployments.  The SAP BI 4 platform includes newer tools like Design Studio, Lumira and Predictive Analytics (expanded capability in later versions).  Web Intelligence is a Traditional BI Tool that is highly used and valuable in large deployments.  Web Intelligence Corporate Reports are accessed by users and are refreshable online.  Documents can also be emailed as Excel or PDF attachments as scheduled reports.  An example is a PDF report that is sent automatically or burst to 1,000 different retail sites with their specific information or scorecard included (row level security).

The platform also includes the Information Design Tool (IDT) which is used for building a Universe or a “Symantec Layer” which is a database schema with draggable objects for Developers and Users.  IDT is an open canvas that allows a company to build an Integrated Enterprise Data Model or EDW.  There is also the HANA database and HANA Studio tool for building views that can be used in SAP Business Objects as a data source. Universes can also be built on HANA similar to Teradata or other common corporate databases.  The SAP BI 4 platform also has the Central Management Console (CMC) for Administrator access allowing User and Object Administration, Security and Maintenance to be performed in an easy-to-use web interface.  This Analytic Platform is also part of the SAP family of software solutions.  SAP is a mature and large ERP, applications and analytics international business software company with over 335,000 customers in 190 countries.

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Design Studio - Dashboards

Design interactive visualizations for your mobile dashboards and Web applications.  Create scalable, multi-dimensional visualizations for your dashboards and BI apps – to put timely, actionable information at your decision makers’ fingertips – with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.  This leading-edge software can help you get the maximum value from your data with native connection to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP HANA.

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Lumira 2.0 - Modern BI Tool

Tap into your data – big and small – and quickly discover unique insight without IT's help.  Access and combine enterprise and personal data in a self-service way.  Transform and enrich your data in seconds – no script required. Discover and share insight using beautiful, engaging visualizations. Get agile, self-service BI on premise or in the cloud.

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Web Intelligence - Ad Hoc Reporting

Answer new and evolving business questions with self-service ad-hoc reporting and analysis on the web, your desktop, or a mobile device. Drill, slice-and-dice, and format information based on your business needs.  Use simple drag-and-drop features to create interactive reports.  Combine data from different sources to get answers to your business questions. Set-up data alerts so you are on top of the information that matters.  Share trusted insights with business partners and customers.

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Predictive Analytics - Data Driven Decisions

Expose untapped opportunities and hidden risks buried in Big Data – with predictive analytics from SAP.  Predict and influence business outcomes – and respond to change before it happens – with predictive analytics from SAP.  Combine capabilities such as predictive modeling, Big Data mining, real-time business intelligence (BI), data visualization, and more, to see what trends are emerging and where performance is headed.  Our easy-to-use solutions can help you predict future customer needs, detect and prevent threats, and guide frontline decisions with forward-looking insights.

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HANA In-Memory

SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance, or in the cloud.  It is a revolutionary platform that’s best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications.  At the core of this real-time data platform is the SAP HANA database which is fundamentally different than any other database engine in the market today.

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