Lumira - U.S. Population Visualization Story

Below is an SAP Lumira visualization story that presents population statistics for the United States.  This story was prepared on January 23, 2016, with data from United States Census Bureau website.  Lumira allows you to quickly make sense of your data, with easy-to-use, data visualization abilities. In just a few clicks, you can combine and visualize data from multiple sources – presenting both big picture and granular insights in a single view.

Stories can be viewed interactively in the SAP Business Objects Platform, Lumira Platform, exported to PDF or used as images in webs.  They can also be printed as posters or pictures for display on walls which is a great way to communicate Company Objectives or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Update monthly, quarterly and annually (set objectives and communicate clearly).

Use a drag-and-drop interface to create beautiful visualizations, explore data, and share insights with your team. This is true Interactive Visualization Self-service BI with Enterprise abilities to share.

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