Lumira 2.0 - Visualization Tool

Lumira 2.0 has matured and works well with the Business Objects Query Panel (Universes and Information Views).  Alexicon has worked with Lumira since its introduction.  We also work with other popular visualization tools.  For the SAP Business Objects landscape, Lumira 2.0 is the best visualization tool because it is integrated with the suite or tools.  Below is the interface for building visualizations.

Below are two data views, the one on the left is a raw data view and the one on the right provides counts by column values (good for analyzing base data).

Below are a few screens showing how backgrounds can be added as well as charts and selectors.

Use a drag-and-drop interface to create beautiful visualizations, explore data, and share insights with your team.  Lumira 2.0 provides true Interactive Visualization Self-service BI with Enterprise abilities to share.  If your team uses Web Intelligence, Lumira 2.0 fits right in with a mature Query Panel like Web Intelligence.  Extend your SAP Business Objects deployment with easy-to-use Lumira 2.0 visualizations.

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