SAP Business Objects BI 4.2 Platform

Alexicon has significant experience with larger BI 4x environments. The latest version is BI 4.2.  If you have a past version and are looking to upgrade, we can help. This BI 4.2 release can empower your teams to achieve remarkable results by allowing anyone in your organization self-service access to relevant information; make fact-based quality decisions with SAP Business Objects BI 4.2.  We provide services for Big Data sources and the management of Business Objects in these high-volume systems.

BI 4.2 makes it easy to discover and share insight with a business intelligence platform that gives you flexibility, scalability, and function.

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 Platform, analytics edition - Put Big Data to work for you with a combination of market-leading data integration, data management, and BI in a complete, high-performance analytics package.

Following are Analytic Tools:

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Create scalable, multi-dimensional visualizations for your dashboards and BI apps – to put timely, actionable information at your decision makers’ fingertips – with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

This leading-edge software can help you get the maximum value from your data.

SAP Design Studio

SAP Lumira 2.0

Lumira 2.0 has matured and works well with the Business Objects Query Panel (Universes and Information Views).  Alexicon has worked with Lumira since its introduction.  We also work with other popular visualization tools.  For the SAP Business Objects landscape, Lumira 2.0 is the best visualization tool because it is integrated with the suite or tools.  Below is the interface for building visualizations.

Below are two data views, the one on the left is a raw data view and the one on the right provides counts by column values (good for analyzing base data).

Below are a few screens showing how backgrounds can be added as well as charts and selectors.

Use a drag-and-drop interface to create beautiful visualizations, explore data, and share insights with your team.  Lumira 2.0 provides true Interactive Visualization Self-service BI with Enterprise abilities to share.  If your team uses Web Intelligence, Lumira 2.0 fits right in with a mature Query Panel like Web Intelligence.  Extend your SAP Business Objects deployment with easy-to-use Lumira 2.0 visualizations.

SAP Lumira 2.0

SAP Predictive Analytics

This software brings predictive insight to business users, analysts, data scientists, and others in your company. By automating the building and management of sophisticated models to deliver insight in real time, this software makes it easier to make better, more profitable decisions across the enterprise.

Predictive Analytics Developer Workbench

Expert Analytics tab

Like Lumira, Expert Analytics provides rich interactive visual displays; however, it has an additional tab called "Predict" which is shown below.

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning with SAP HANA

More detail on Predictive Analytics

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is a good example of an ad hoc reporting tool and offers an industry leading solution shown below.

Ten (10) Minute Analysis Path - U.S. Gross Domestic Product by Industry for 1997 - 2012

SAP Business Objects BI 4.2 solutions provide comprehensive functionality for the following:

SAP Lumira. Tap into your data – big and small – and quickly discover unique insight without IT's help:

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office. Easily analyze, digest, and share data from multidimensional sources in a Microsoft Office environment:

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP. Perform analysis of multidimensional data sources in an intuitive web-based environment so you can quickly answer complex business questions:

SAP Crystal Reports. Produce pixel-perfect reports that are clear and customizable – for business insight that is easy to understand and act on:

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. Answer new and evolving business questions with self-service ad-hoc reporting and analysis on the web, your desktop, or a mobile device:

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Create multi-dimensional dashboards and data visualizations for your BI apps to put timely, actionable information at your decision makers' fingertips:

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. Get instant access to clear, understandable metrics, so you can see your key performance indicators at a glance and know what's driving your business:

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile App. Empower everyone in your organization to know in the moment, take action, and deliver results from anywhere with business intelligence solutions delivered to your mobile device:

Explorer for business at the speed of thought with immediate and interactive discovery of relevant information:

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Mobile App. Get secure access to critical business intelligence on any device, whenever and wherever you need it:

SAP BusinessObjects Live Office. Give your employees the tools they need to embed up-to-date business intelligence into familiar Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations:

We can handle these areas independently or work closely with your team to provide a clear roadmap to upgrade or build out an existing system with progressive database designs and analytic visualizations.

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