New superfast database and high-resolution visualization technology

MapD is a new technology for businesses that leverages video game GPU-based processors (NVIDIA) and provides bleeding-age database and analytic visualization software based on this new technology. MapD is extremely fast for interactive queries and can render billions of points on a visualization and provide other rich visualizations for technical and business users. This is unlike typical rich internet applications that would require all billion records to be sent to the browser (typically not possible).

The reason MapD can display high-resolution visualizations with millions of points is because the work is done on the server and sends images to the browser in split or sub second times (unnoticeable to users) and dramatically reduces data transmission over-the-wire or network and as well on the client machine or device. The video below shows how these visualizations provide hover-and-click (or see) functionality and drill-to actual records. Underpinning these rich visualizations is the MapD Database which can also be accessed through Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

Below is a Tweetmap demo utilizing hundreds of millions of real-time tweets, from the global level all the way down to your neighborhood.


Supercomputing for the rest of us: in the cloud or on premise

MapD’s highly flexible architecture can run in the cloud (Amazon, Azure, IBM Softlayer) or on premise using standard hardware from Dell, HP and SuperMicro. With massive amounts of ultra-fast video RAM, SQL queries run at blinding speeds - up to 147 billion rows per second.

Huge SQL speedups without the hassle

The MapD database intelligently partitions, compresses and caches your data across all GPUs, meaning users just see up to 100X faster SQL, no indexing or optimizations required.

Out-of-the-box data visualizations, or build your own

MapD’s Immerse™ visualization platform gives you the ability to effortlessly build interactive cross-filtered dashboards, leveraging server-rendering when necessary to allow instant visualization of millions of points. If you need a custom dashboard, you can build on top of our D3/Vega.js charting API or alternatively connect to the database directly with Apache Thrift.

Business Intelligence

"For me personally, the future of BI reporting is GPU-based....query times are 55x faster in some cases than I've seen anywhere else - including large clustered CPU solutions." Mark Litwintschik


"MapD is changing the definition of geospatial big data. By harnessing the power of GPUs they can query and render billions of points onto our maps in milliseconds. Other solutions take hours. For true interactivity for massive spatial analytics, MapD is a game-changer." - Eric Gundersen, CEO Mapbox


"With 20 billion requests a month, we wanted a lightning-fast, industrial-grade database that could handle our need for ad-hoc data analysis."  Laurie Voss, CTO NPM


"They are dramatically reducing querying times in a very cost effective way which makes MapD a very disruptive force in the big data market." James E Curtis, Senior Analyst 451 Research

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