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Lean Six Sigma (LSS) increases efficiency and effectiveness in the office, on the manufacturing floor, general operations and in customer-facing organizations for numerous industries like aerospace, energy, automotive, retail, gaming and more.  Analytics have been the focus for C-level executives looking to compete more effectively in Today's World Economy. We offer a unique approach to leverage LSS with Enterprise Analytics. This coordinates the Enterprise with a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing unwanted variation in key enterprise processes to create predictable Company performance.

We use scalable reporting systems based on data that typically exists in Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs) or that can be added for project purposes. Many LSS projects produce a number of manual reports at one level for root cause visibility. We take this approach to a new level by making LSS Analytics multidimensional so they can be viewed at any level across the Organization (self-service visibility).  This makes performance issues and improvements visible by area owners, peers (where appropriate) and management.

Below is an enterprise example for a manufacturing company which decomposes the “Business Process” to four major areas (Sell, Produce, Service and Deliver).  DMAIC methodology is used on each major area to further decompose and define each business process area (example shown is Deliver).

Cross Organizational or Throughput Performance

This is where Six Sigma and Lean plays a key role and complements analytic systems. Alexicon coined the term a "Process-based Data Warehouse" years ago and this is at the center of our approach. We measure and set controls across logical areas of the Enterprise with an embedded data model, thereby allowing complete visibility for measuring and managing throughput performance. The illustration below shows a further decomposition of the business process across the enterprise.

Below are key Six Sigma steps in the DMAIC methodology.


Alexicon leverages DMAIC with its own unique methodology for Business Process improvement (summarized and enhanced). We also use Minitab, R, Business Intelligence, Database Models and newer Big Data tools. Some of our steps and techniques used are:

These steps or areas can be reduced or expanded based on project needs. Our goal is to streamline what is needed for a Company's maximum benefit with minimal distractions, resources and costs.

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