Why have an SAP ERP Enterprise Universe on HANA?

SAP ERP, HANA, and Business Objects are in play at many corporations.  Alexicon has built Universes directly on database tables for 19+ years.  Now, we are doing this on HANA versus purely using Information Views.  Traditional Universes offer a single place to get company data (single source of truth/access).  We have found that this helps users with integrated Ad Hoc queries on the SAP ERP landscape, using the familiar Business Objects Query Panel with tools like Design Studio, Lumira 2.0, and Web Intelligence.  HANA Information Views are often also built using Universes; however, they are typically built for a single report or smaller reporting area, which results in many Universes.  Enterprise Universes, on the other hand, provide users with one place to query enterprise metrics or detail data.

An Enterprise or process-based approach (manufacturing example):

Enterprise Universe advantages:

What is an Enterprise Universe?

Universes provide a single place to access company data.  Alexicon focuses on an Enterprise Universe for SAP ERP customers.  We take a process-based approach that lines up a Company's Business Processes, and we build an Enterprise Data Model to fit the company's business processes and strategic objectives.  All Business Objects analytic tools shown below in green share the same Enterprise Universe ad hoc query panel.

The Alexicon advantage for Integrated Enterprise reporting:

The SAP ERP application is large and mature and we can provide the expertise, development and guidance for an SAP ERP Enterprise Universe on HANA. 

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